Superset Sunday!

Happy Sunday! I want to try something new: every Sunday I will post a Superset workout that you can do either at home or at the gym. You can add these into your own workouts!

What's a Superset, you ask? It's when you do one exercise that is immediately followed by another exercise without a rest in between. Supersets are a great way to keep your muscles guessing and increase the intensity of your workouts. 

Because I love Booty Building. My first Superset Sunday will be a Resistance Band Booty Burn! 

On their own, these moves seem simple enough, but paired together and done after a heavy leg/glute session, your butt will thank you!

Move 1: Glute Bridges

With a resistance band around your thighs, start on the ground with your knees up. Driving through your heels, raise your hips up and hold for 5 seconds, then lower back down. Do 10 reps. 


Glute bridges target your gluteus maximus, and hamstrings.

Move 2: Donkey Kicks

Immediately flip over onto your hands and knees, keeping the resistance band where it is, do 12 donkey kicks for each leg. Again, drive through your heels!

Donkey kicks target the gluteus maximus, and minimus

Stay tuned next week for another Superset! If you want more booty work, check out my Get Toned Program!

Outfit: Bottoms are Lululemon Align Crops

Resistance Bands: #Fitchick Body co. 



Stay Active!