A Day in the Life of an Actor

...Well...the Day in the Life of an Actor before the director yells "Cut!" 

The Day in the Life of an Actor hustling to get the part, get known in the business, brand his/herself, and SUBMIT. Not terribly glamorous, but oh so worth it when we get the job.

This is my typical "actor" routine every day, amidst doing this blog, training people, and working out myself, all the things I do as an actor to get me a step closer to where i want to be.


This is usually a time to check Twitter, see what the casting directors I follow have to say, if anyone is casting anything, or if I have any new followers. Sad but true, casting directors care if you have a social media following. 

Submit Submit Submit!

These days, 90% of the work and hustle an actor has to do is online, and we're almost required to do a lot of what an agent should do on our own! What does this mean? Submitting for projects. 

There are a TON of actor websites where people can post projects and roles that they're looking for, and if you think you'd be right for the part, you send a picture of your head shot and a copy of your resume electronically, and if they want you to audition, they'll respond. Easy! 

Throughout the day I go on sites like Actors Access and Backstage and look through all the projects, read all the breakdowns, and submit for the parts I think I'd be right for. 


This is the time of day where I like to work on self-tapes if I happen to have any that day. Self-tapes are my auditions for the projects I submitted for! Again, 90% online. While I'll still have in-person auditions here and there, a LOT of auditions these days are done through self-tapes. 

It's great, I can do an audition in my PJs! 

 Business up top, flannel PJs below...

Business up top, flannel PJs below...


I'll keep submitting throughout the day, but the afternoon is usually when I shift gears to something else; like going to the gym or going to basketball practice. Like any job, it's good to take a break. 

I love working out (as you may have noticed), so it's great to go to the gym and de-stress. So much of the acting world is uncertain, being able to go to a place and not worry about that is comforting. 


When I think about myself up there on the big screen, I am incredibly excited on the one hand, but on the other, I think, "Oh man, my pores will be huge up there!" 

My skin care routine has been a marathon, not a sprint, so I'm still trying to find products that work for me. Having healthy, glowing skin is important for everyone, not just actors, so I try to take care of my skin every night before bed (and when I wake up the next day!). 

Now, throw in an in-person audition or rehearsals for a play in the mix and this "typical" day for me goes completely out the window. The life of an actor is either constantly changing, or it's a lot of waiting, and sometimes it's both. 

But that being said, never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about. This is one thing I think about every day. I'm gonna keep hustling. And whatever goals you have, whether it's acting, fitness, etc., you should keep hustling too.

Stay Active!

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