8 Great Stocking Stuffers for the Fitness Lover

Need gift ideas for the Fitness Fiend in your life? Check out this list! 


Resistance Bands

I like #fitchick body co. bands. They come in cute, girly colors and they come in an assortment of difficulty! You've got lightweight ones, medium ones, and heavy ones! Resistance bands are perfect for booty building. Get them here! 

Water Bottle with Storage


The Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle! Here's an awesome water bottle that has a little compartment on the side where you can carry your money, keys and cards! Because who likes running with a purse?  Check it out here! 

Bombas Socks


You may have seen these on Shark Tank. Bombas socks are made for optimal athletic performance and engineered for total comfort. Bombas will also donate a pair for every pair sold, so how can you go wrong? Get them here! 

Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Gym selfies. Everyone does it. If you say you don't, you do. It's okay! An anti-gravity case makes gym selfies and workout videos so much easier. The phone case allows you to take photos and videos hands-free by sticking it on most solid surfaces! Check it out here

Small Foam Roller



Foam Rollers are amazing (and pretty much necessary!) for post-workout and stretching. Routine foam rolling helps to decrease chance of injury, increase circulation and flexibility, and improve balance and mobility. This small foam roller is easy to take with you on trips, or stuffed in your gym bag! You can get it here

Mind/Matter Necklace


Sometimes, a little motivation goes a long way. This cute necklace will be perfect for the runner in your life that likes to exercise in style! Get yours here!

Challenge Box


Challenge Box is a little like Stitch Fix for the Fitness Lover! You sign-up online, and receive a box containing all sorts of fitness related items to help achieve your goals! You can also sync it with a Fit Bit to track it! 

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Ropeless Jump Rope


Love jumping rope but hate the tangle! This Ropeless Jump Rope is perfect! With weighted handles, this jump rope will give you a ridiculous cardiovascular workout. Jumping Rope burns around 10 calories per minute! Check them out here!

Stay Active, and have a Happy Holiday!